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Please read through the pre and post treatment advice. 


If the advice is not followed, you may not be able to have your treatment.

Below these links, there is a 'preparation' section. Please make sure you read through this thoroughly. Please click on your booked treatment to be taken to the relevant treatment pre and post care information.

What to wear:

Please wear whatever you're most comfortable with however you'll be asked to remove your top (you will be a given a towel and blanket)  so that your neck, shoulders and decollete is exposed. You can leave your bra on and pull your straps down or remove it completely - whatever you feel most comfortable with. There is a blanket for you to have on top of you throughout the treatment as well as a heat pad underneath you.

Shall I wash my face before my appointment?

If you can, please do come with a clean face.

A few things to note:

-You must skip all strong skincare products for a week prior & post treatment.


This includes any AHA/BHA products, Vitamin A & any topical lotions your GP/Dermatologist has given you.

-You MUST make us aware of any medication that you may be on BEFORE you come in for your treatment. We will need to ensure the treatment can still go ahead.

-You must not use sunbeds for at least a week prior & post treatment.

-Sunburnt skin can NOT be treated.

-No hair removal treatments on the face for a week post & prior treatment, this includes laser hair removal (4 weeks prior), depilatory creams, waxing shaving etc.

-Please notify me of any lateness, your treatment may be able to still go ahead but with reduced time and the same treatment cost.

-If you have had filler, you must wait 2 weeks before having face treatments,​

-If you need to cancel your appointment, you must provide a minimum of 48hrs notice, failing this, you will be charged 50% of the treatment cost. Less than 24 hours & no shows will be charged the full amount.

-All services non refundable. 

-If we cant carry out the treatment because these rules have not been abided by, you will still be charged the full amount of the treatment.

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