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Hi, I 'm Amber.


I am the solo business owner and skin practitioner at Elira Skin, a skin clinic based in South London.


At Elira skin, our treatment menu embodies a 'Holistic meets Advanced' approach combining high-performance and advanced techniques such as sculptural facial massage, lymphatic drainage and buccal (intraoral) massage as well as modalities such as LED light therapy and high frequency. 


It's more than just a facial, it's an experience. Your overall wellness is taken into consideration in bespoke treatments to elevate your experience to restoration and most importantly elevate your skin.

You can enjoy a result driven process towards your skin and your own wellbeing whilst combining a hands on approach with the a unique treatment experience as I use different wellness methods seamlessly blended into your facial to ensure your mind and body is also left feeling restored. 

Away from the treatment room, all clients receive a tailored home care recommendation plan and further treatment recommendations.

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